Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why does my web address say "keeneyfarm"???????

I live on a dairy farm! I am going to share some cute pictures from that farm tonight. We just tried to hatch ducks and chicks in an incubator.......the result 2 chicks! So we ordered some through the mail. Now we have 10 Black and Blue Swedish ducks, 26 "feather-legged" bantams, and 12 Auracaunas (sp?) I have a wonderfully handy brother who hasn't got a regular job right now. So he came over and built me a big fenced pen for them all! Thank you Jared! Love you! We also have some baby goats who are very naughty and always somewhere they shouldn't be! They are adorable though. I don't think I have pictures of any cows right now, but maybe I can post some another time. We took the baby ducks to my parent's house and left them swim in the goldfish pond last week. They had a blast but got tired out quickly. That was their first time swimming. Well, I am headed to bed. Good-night all!


Jean from jlfstudio said...

Cute pictures Bethany! Thanks for sharing the wonder of nature not to mention these spring inspiring images.

Blessings - Jean

Becky Jensen said...

Very cute! My boys would love the animals!!