Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sherrill Graff hired us to be her LNS Sample Makers! ~ Complete list

Here is the complete list of people hired by Sherrill Graff to make samples for her to take to convention. Be sure to check out each blog in your free time to see the lovely work they all do. Maybe you will be inspired! I will be back later today with pictures from Grampa's Birthday card.

1.Gretchen Barron 2. Barbara Dondero 3.Tammy Fite 4. Judy Jackson 5. Mary Brown 6.Sarah Wills 7.Selene Kempton 8.Virginia Killmore 9. Elizabeth Sloman 10.Marisol Gutierrez 11. Dawn Bullock 12.Sandi MacIver 13.Stephanie Sullins 14.Susan Shields 15. Rebekah "Becky" Jensen 16. Heidi Michel 17. Barb Slaughter blog in progress 18. Lisa Milliron 19 Connie Babbert Nancy Dawson Bethany Keeney Kirsten Brown Mary Jo Price-Williams
24. Elizabeth Hurst

Have a great day!

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