Sunday, July 12, 2009

Must see~ HILARIOUS!!!!!

Check out the man-made card! I think our tools are not quite as complicated but this is so funny!


Jennifer said...

I love this video. And I love your blog. We will have to advertise our Blog Tour to our flood group when the time is right. I am very excited.

Bethany Keeney said...

Thank you! I wasn't sure if that would be allowed on there. My featured stamp set is 'Music Expressions' I just got my stuff from Sherrill today so I have a lot of fun coming up!

Anonymous said...

they video was great! i love that he used all the right terms...which means he must listen when his wife talks! :) thanks for sharing...i came by during the blog tour. your music samples are beautiful. i liked hte last card the best...the bow really stands out! Shannon